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      Yancheng Shenghe Machinery Co.,Ltd.
      Contact:Ms. Emily GUO (Sales Manager)
      Address:Yimin Industrial Park, Magou Town, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
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      Six roller transfer point powder compound machine、Inspecting fitting
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      Detailed information:
      SH-2005A type Six roller transfer point powder compound machine、Inspecting fitting
      ●Usage: For shoes, clothing, box, bags, rubber industries will be second or third layer with fine adhesion for composite cloth, also suitable for printing and dyeing and weaving cloth leather drying process industries. This machine is in uniform coating,heating temperature is adjustable, drying speed is fast, can make cloth leather and flat, firm wrinkles and adhesion
      ●Features: Using glue point transferred technology , glue to transfer to the patch on the cloth ,then with the surface composite cloth and make together. Composite fabrics with sand washing, cleaning, etc, all equipped with automatic feeding, fabrics of equipment. The unique way to save a large glue dosage of glue
      ●Motivation: 7.5kw+1.5kw Cycloidal reducer, Computers have frequency control, automatic repair functio
      There are two methods to heat: Q is for steam heating steam , automatic output steam condensation water. Type D for electrical heating and temperature adjustable control. According to the number of roller, there are two kinds,they are  four and six roller. According to the needs of user can also customize special specifications of products


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