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      Yancheng Shenghe Machinery Co.,Ltd.
      Contact:Ms. Emily GUO (Sales Manager)
      Address:Yimin Industrial Park, Magou Town, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
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      Hot pink dots、 glue mesh belt compound machine
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      Detailed information:
      SH-2000AB Type Hot melt powder point, glue mesh belt compound machine
      Used for the lambs wool, polar fleece, plush, goose velvet, sponge, cloth kind, EVA, leather, artificial cotton, etc and hot melt powder coating joint or water solvent rubber compound. Widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, automotive interior, carpet, etc.
      1.the hot melt glue powder or water solvent for adhesive and high-temperature net belt to press to the composite composite become a layer, and at the same time, mesh belt with automatic correction function, make composite out material neat, smooth, don't lock etc.
      2.the operating system USES frequency conversion linkage synchronous control.
      3.according to the characteristics of different materials can be changed part of the device to achieve the ultimate required.
      4.special bead specification can be custom-made

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