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      Yancheng Shenghe Machinery Co.,Ltd.
      Contact:Ms. Emily GUO (Sales Manager)
      Address:Yimin Industrial Park, Magou Town, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
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      Hot melt adhesive、transfer point powder compound machine
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      Detailed information:
      SH-2000AC Type Sprinkle hot melt powder point transfer compound machine
      Use features:
      1.is mainly used for fabrics, non-woven fabrics, straw mat, mesh cloth materials such as composite. Also can be mixed with other powder, such as drug powder, bamboo charcoal powder transferred to lining compound become one. Widely used in clothing lining, automotive interior, insoles, air purification, etc.
      2.the powder point transfer technology, will be hot melt powder evenly transfer to lining, after baking, then and fabric composite heat, which makes the melt glue point within the fabric into certain depth, so as to make the two layer fabric bonded together.
      3.use different hot melt powder, can make the composite fabric were given feel is good, resistance to water, sand washing, dry-cleaning etc, or at the same time have the advantage.

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