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      The global financial storm, China machine tool industry how to respond?
      Posted by:admin Time:2012-11-15 Read:8624times

      Looks like the trend of the world economy from the financial crisis of 2008 after never smooth too, especially since the beginning of 2012, the debt crisis intensified in Europe and the United States, but also for the development of the global economy cast a shadow. The domestic machine tool industry, on the one hand, their own problems, on the one hand, the international situation, the face of this situation, the change is imminent.

      With the development of the domestic economy, the machine tool industry has made great strides in the quantity or quality of the performance is remarkable. But throughout the industry as a whole, for the domestic market, the influx of a large number of foreign enterprises, and to occupy the high-end market position in China's machine tool, how to change this situation, domestic enterprises need to start from the innovation of the road sub.

      For a long time, domestic machine tool products have been walking in the low-end line, there is a big difference between the same level of foreign advanced technology. This is not only in the product, and more importantly, in all aspects of technical personnel, plant facilities, market environment, management style. In recent years, on the one hand, domestic machine tool overcapacity sales difficulties, on the one hand is the invasion of foreign products more competitive. The road of change of the domestic machine tool industry reached a walk is not the point.

      This change, the changes in technology, management changes, changes in the market, changes in the industry, this is a huge and difficult engineering requires hard work and wisdom of each machine tool industry personnel. From the technical aspects of the machine tool manufacturers need to strengthen the technical status of the importance of the source, improve research costs, no longer only diagram immediate temporary interests, forgetting the fundamental survival; management, machine tool manufacturers need to abandon before management and employing backward way, the introduction of advanced management tools, so that scientific management, intensive management, reduction of management processes, improve management efficiency; said from the market, the machine tool industry also need to keep up with the pulse of the times, not treat look beyond the traditional physical market, network marketing is a must mention the means. The road ahead is long Come, happiness and down and search. The Road Ahead for China's machine tool industry, can not be separated from the hard work of the machine, is inseparable from the country's economic strength boost, can not be separated from the machine tool business and self-improvement. Future, machine tools, I'm in the future!


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