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      The main users of enterprise of homebred machine tool's attitude and evaluation
      Posted by:admin Time:2012-11-15 Read:7660times

      The majority of user companies will certainly machine tool industry enterprises in recent years, the rapid development and the considerable progress achieved and that more and more mature the design and manufacture of machine tools, multifunction machine more and more, more and more high accuracy and performance stability, there are many alternative imported key equipment, getting better and better meet customer needs.

      Existence of the problem of domestic machine tool, the user enterprises also expressed full understanding and tolerance. In the survey, most customers have expressed their willingness to co-ordination with the domestic machine tool companies, joint efforts to assume a major role in the enterprise, so that the domestic machine tool. These companies very much hope that a growing number of domestic machine tool products, so that not only can save a lot of money in equipment maintenance and spare parts supply of convenient, fast, and can also get rid of some of the limitations of the foreign. They are willing to cooperate closely with machine tool companies to jointly develop production equipment for specific process requirements. At the same time, the user also wants to get the help and support of the machine tool enterprises in the machine to use the process of continuing to maximize the good use of domestic machine tool.

      Summary To sum up, the domestic machine tool there are some specific issues: (1) to maintain the accuracy is not good: many users reflect domestic equipment machining accuracy decreased rapidly, more equipment failure rate. (2) The need to strengthen the reliability: domestic CNC machine tool numerical control system, drive power, lubrication cooling system, control unit, features, and so the number of reliability problems. (3) some of the machine tools required in the design improvements: users reflect on some machine tool design is not reasonable cause some parts to use easily damaged. Also some machine tools and electrical design suited to the work environment of the hot and humid southern region, resulting in frequent failure. (4) manufacturing urgent need to improve the quality: some products, manufacturing quality, but off in use for some time and fix some fault, scheduled spindle speed had to play half discount. There machine reaches a certain speed in a predetermined speed range, processing becomes unstable, and a lot of noise.


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