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      Solemn declaration matters about patent product
      Posted by:admin Time:2012-11-15 Read:9319times

      "Sheng and card" sandpaper coated printing composite machine, patent application No. CN200810018436.8, open No. CN101497181, Yancheng City Sheng and mechanical limited company independent research and development of a sandpaper coated printing as one of the switching device, the device has high degree of automation, reduce artificial lower production costs, improve product quality and production efficiency, no environmental pollution, to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction of the ideal equipment.The invention patent for declaration all exclusive.

      Division I in market research, discovered in the market has the production and sale of imitation of our equipment, patentee patented sandpaper coated printing multipurpose compound machine.

      According to the "law of the people's Republic of China Patent Law of the people's Republic of China", "Implementing Regulations of the patent law" and other relevant laws and regulations of any unit or individual without the authorization of the patentee, shall not implement the patent, which may not be for production and business purposes, manufacturing, sales of the appearance design patent products.Or "the infringement of the patent right, namely" statement will investigate its legal liability legally.

      In 2010, "Sheng and card" products maker Yancheng Sheng and machinery limited company has been commissioned by the relevant state departments nationwide rights crackdown "counterfeiting act, in accordance with the law to protect intellectual property rights" for action.The patentee solemnly declare for counterfeiting the company's products appearance, structure of process technology, patent infringement violations to resolutely combat and warning, heavy combat violations, to protect the lawful rights.

      Here, we also sincerely hope that the majority of customers in the selection of the equipment at the same time, please buy reliable quality and technical guarantee of "Sheng and card" products, to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

      Hereby declare!

      Yancheng City Sheng and Machinery Company Limited



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