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      Yancheng Shenghe Machinery Co.,Ltd.
      Contact:Ms. Emily GUO (Sales Manager)
      Address:Yimin Industrial Park, Magou Town, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
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      Warm reminder - fake "Sheng" brand
      Posted by:admin Time:2012-11-15 Read:9023times

      Sheng and company grow up to today, thanks to all the new and old customers and friends from all walks of life to Sheng and product support and trust.

      Close paragraph of time has many customers to call us manufacturers complainants purchased the compound machine is not good, but frequent mechanical failures, and asked us manufacturers as soon as possible to solve the problem.When the service staff asked the customer related information, find the client not with US manufacturers of equipment, but without any signs of pretending to be "and" machine.So our company product quality, reputation in the market suffered serious damage.The same client has also been deceived, suffered a serious blow.The Sheng and the company thank you provide important information.

      In order to let customers are no longer the same trick, to be able to buy a genuine "Sheng" brand equipment, manufacturers are trying to trace the matter.At the same time, I hope the customer ordering equipment before you call us directly with manufacturers to verify the salesman's identity, or directly to the manufacturers advice, negotiate, order and other related business.

      Our sales hotline: 86-0515-88454828

      Mobile phone: 18921877680 (Liao Guiping)

      Fax: 86-0515-88459778


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