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      Yancheng Shenghe Machinery Co.,Ltd.
      Contact:Ms. Emily GUO (Sales Manager)
      Address:Yimin Industrial Park, Magou Town, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
      The current position:Home > Product > Cutting Machine
       smart the hydraulic gantry brushed sandpaper cutting machine
      smart the hydraulic gantry br
      Conveyor automatic cutting machine
      Conveyor automatic cutting mac
      intelligent automatic precision four-column hydraulic sandpaper emery cloth cutting machine
      intelligent automatic precisio
      precision CNC Abrasive hydraulic cutting machine
      precision CNC Abrasive hydraul
      conveyor belt type automatic NC precision four-post Hydraulic Cutting Machine
      conveyor belt type automatic N
      XCLL3-250/350 Intelligent automatic precise  hydraulic cutting machine
      XCLL3-250/350 Intelligent auto
      XCII4-1000KN intelligent automatic precise four-column hydraulic cutting machine
      XCII4-1000KN intelligent autom
      emery cloth ( paper ) slitting machine
      emery cloth ( paper ) slitting
      sand, sand plate blanking machine
      sand, sand plate blanking mach
      emery cloth (paper) Slitting Machine
      emery cloth (paper) Slitting M
      GSB - 2C type hydraulic swing  Feeding machine
      GSB - 2C type hydraulic swing
      XCLP1-120/160 type Longmen Feeding machine
      XCLP1-120/160 type Longmen Fee


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